About Vancouver Fireworks Festival and Events


To keep the industry growth along with its members by keeping an eye on the right target customers fit for the right festivals and events.


To make Vancouver a famous destination in North America known for its many fun Festivals and Events.

We desire to share the wonder of Vancouver. Our love for tourism encourages us to accomplish our Mission and Vision. We continue on with the people working with us, and we seek to develop an honest and respectful working environment that strives for success. We go out of our comfort zones and are motivated in pursuing creative ideas and strategies. All of these things we do with a purpose.

Vancouver Fireworks Festivals and Events is a business organization that is composed of enough tourism members that efficiently promote the city of Vancouver as a tourism spot for holidays, events, and even meetings. We work toward attracting visitors from all over the world, welcoming them to stay, and looking forward to their return. This is only possible through the cooperation of all our team members in the organization.

Our big team in Vancouver Fireworks Festivals and Events is under the leadership of our ever supportive and active Board of Directors. The organization depends on the decisions of the Board as to the plans and strategies we are to take action to. We reach our goals through a good relationship between our team and our Board of Directors. Both sides offer all their energy and knowledge just to make the business successful.