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Cannabidioil or CBD is a medicinal form of cannabis that is non-intoxicating. Though until today there is still some stigma around its use and its legality is still under question in many countries.  If you are likely to travel out of the country, it is best to do some research, such as typing CBD tincture canada using Google if you can take it with you. Some countries decided to ban its use even though it has been considered legitimate in the Canada since CBD is still being linked with marijuana.

What Should You Do If You Are Traveling?

People using CBD might feel uncomfortable and quite scared when traveling with this substance since many places still consider this product as illegal. Indeed, it is confusing for people who intend to travel within the CBD.

Traveling with CBD

Rules vary from country to country. Therefore, as a traveler, you have to understand the requirements of the country you are about to visit and to what extent they allow the use of CBD.

Countries that Allow CBD

Every country has a different stand when it comes to flying with CBD oil. If you are a traveler using CBD, you must first check the laws in the country you are flying to.


In Europe, the allowable percentage for CBD oil is less than 0.2%. You can bring your CBD oil as long as it falls under the category. Usually, CBD products that are bought from reputable and legal brands display the CBD content on the packaging.


Canada is a leading country that allows both the recreational and medical use of cannabis. The country does not impose any limit on the CBD or THC content of products. You can safely travel to this country since CBD oil in Canada is legal.

You just have to remember that carrying CBD oil in Canada is still subjected to your airline’s liquid limit.

United States

In the United States, travelers can bring CBD as long as it contains less than 0.3%. However, you have to remember that sometimes federal regulations may differ from the local laws of the state you are visiting.


Cannabis is legal in Italy, provided it is for medical use. With this, CBD oil is allowed in Italy but must be within the 0.6% limit. If it exceeds the limit, it is considered illegal in the country.


If you plan to travel with CBD oil in Australia, you have to make sure that the CBD product you are carrying should not contain more than 0.005% THC content. Hemp-derived CBD should be within the 0.0075% limit.

Final Words

Carrying certified and tested CBD oil or products matters if you are traveling. You can also bring test results to prove that the product you are bringing is legitimate just to avoid issues when traveling. This helps make sure that your products abide by the guidelines imposed by the countries mentioned above.

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