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T-Shirt Design with Heat Transfer Viny

The summer weather in Vancouver is fantastic. The temperature during regular summer days can be around 20° to 30° during the day. This is not too hot and not too cold as well. You can easily wear the t shirts. However, it can significantly drop as the sun goes down, which is why choosing what to wear in Vancouver during the summer can be a little challenging.

To help you be fashionable yet comfortable during the summertime in Vancouver, we have shortlisted a few items of clothing that will help you with that. Here are they:

Custom T-shirts

There is no better way to express creativity and stay comfortable than wearing a custom t-shirt during the summer in Vancouver. Custom t-shirts are versatile pieces of clothing that make them perfect for any weather and occasion.

During the day, you can show off the print of your custom t-shirt and layer it with a denim or signature coat during the chilly summer nights of Vancouver. Regardless of how you style it, people in town will surely be impressed with your simplicity and boldness.


Shorts are a must-have during summers in Vancouver, mainly because it is usually wet and cold during the other seasons of the year. Show off your beautiful legs and pair your shorts with a summer tee and cute sandals to complete the whole look.

Moreover, shorts can be styled in many different ways. They are also flattering with many kinds of body shapes, which makes them even more perfect. If you are in Vancouver during the summer, you will notice an increased number of people wearing shorts because they are amazing.


Summers around the world call for swimwear, and Vancouver is no different. Take advantage of the beautiful weather outside and hit the beach with your swimwear. If you live full time in Vancouver, you will surely cherish the time wearing it can be challenging to use it during the other time of the year. Also, take as many pictures as you can to remember the moment.


As mentioned above, summer nights in Vancouver can become a bit chilly. For those who quickly feel cold or cannot tolerate it, it is best to have a cardigan ready. Cardigans are fashionable statement pieces that go well with almost anything, whether it is pants, shorts, or a plain t-shirt. It helps you stay warm and cozy too, so you should definitely consider wearing it.


Summer dresses are simple yet very Feminine. Some girls residing in Vancouver wear their sundress with thick tights to keep them warm during the other seasons. However, tights can be uncomfortable, and it can restrict movement. Luckily, during summertime, women can wear sundresses without them, which is impressive.

Final Thoughts

For a place that is usually wet and cold, the summertime in Vancouver is an opportunity to explore a new side of your fashion expression. However, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice your comfort. Hopefully, the pieces of clothing mentioned above have given you an idea of how to stay fashionable and comfortable during the summers of Vancouver.

Kristina Chandler

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