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This is one of the main events in Vancouver showing off the world of folk music to the people and giving them a better comprehension of what folk really means globally. This event seeks to attract young artists who have a passion for continuing tradition while doing some creative innovations in collaboration with other artists.

Here are the features of the Festival:

· Music for 70 hours happening on eight different stages outdoor. These are three nights of concerts happening on the mainstage and two days of different performances happening in the park.

· Food area with twenty vendors

· Market of Crafts

· A place for Little Folks along with their loved ones

· “Festival Community Village” that represents businesses and organizations

All of these activities happen within the bounds of the breathtaking Jericho Beach Park which is surrounded by cedar and pine trees. Moreover, many guest artists at the festival show up before and after these activities take place. This opens up good opportunities to actually see guests’ artists in person while the event is on-going.

Come and join us yearly in this amazing Folk Music Festival on one whole magical weekend happening every summer in the city of Vancouver. Hope to see you at the park!

Kristina Chandler

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