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This Performing Arts Festival happens in the middle of winter where music, dance, theatre, and multimedia performances are displayed by both international and local artists. The Festival happens every January for at least three weeks in different venues all over the city of Vancouver.

The scope of artists and participants in Vancouver are widened by this Festival by a work that seeks to be original, surprising, discipline, and creative. Passionate artists from all over the world are one in this event with a masterpiece that inspires all their audiences.

Push Festival allows partnerships to take place in the city. This makes Vancouver a place that merges different minds while displaying the best works in Canada. This is what they call the “PuSh Assembly”. Their goal is to create a community that adjusts to the trends of the industry and awakens communication among international and local artists and sponsors.

This is an invitation open to both art enthusiasts and insiders. This Assembly is grouped into different series: Workshops, Industry Series, and Ideas Series.

Kristina Chandler

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