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To see and experience the “Celebration of Light” means that you have truly seen real fireworks. This is one of Vancouver’s highlight events during summer. The night sky in English Bay is filled with breath-taking lights for three wonderful evenings. Not only that, the fireworks come with exciting music to surprise the crowds in Vancouver, and three different countries compete against one another to claim the prize.

The people in Vancouver along with some guests and travelers watch the fireworks while setting up chairs and blankets on the shore just to enjoy the display of lights. You can be one of them too! There are also private areas available for VIPs that are for rent.

Along with the firework celebration is also an evening filled with music at the beautiful Sunset Beach. This is where the free concert SHOREFEST takes place. Bands begin to show off their talents during the afternoon, appetizing and preparing the crowds for the ultimate show.

Join this yearly celebration at every end of July during the summer days in Vancouver. Feel and experience this event yourself, and bring your family and friends along with you to make your time more memorable.


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