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Not only is Vancouver welcoming to people, but also it has been credited as a very dog-friendly city by

What are the Pet Regulations in Canada?

The National Animal Health Program in Canada has set requirements for visitors who want to bring their pets with them. Know the regulations beforehand to avoid issues that will arise upon your arrival because necessary documents are required.

Do hotels in Vancouver welcome Pets?

For travelers who love to bring their lovely pets with them, there are many hotels in the city that accommodate pets. Just be sure to inform the hotel ahead of time for you to know their policies concerning pets.

Most likely, the number of pets you carry with you is limited, and the size and breed of your pet will also be considered. Additional charges may be asked for cleaning with having a pet in your room.

Am I allowed to free my Pet in Parks?

There are about 30 selected parks in Vancouver that allow pets to be off-leash since the majority of the canine population in the city is well tamed. Note that owners are ultimately responsible for any action their dogs do.

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