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Vancouver is a good place to be at any season of the calendar year. So, what should you expect at every season?

Winter from January to March

The city of Vancouver experiences friendly winters. This is the perfect time for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the hills which is just 20 minutes away from the main city. The weather during these days is expected to be wet and rainy.

Spring from April to June

Even during this season, people can still enjoy skiing and snowboarding on mountain slopes while the weather downtown is a good time for playing golf or even kayaking. Many outdoor activities can be done such as tours, celebrations, and more.

Summer from July to September

Sunny days in Vancouver city are just mild. This is when the festivals in art, music, and film happen. Moreover, this is the season where the Celebration of Light takes place. People also do wildlife watching during this season.

Fall from October to December

The temperature in the city starts to drop during the fall. What features this season is the color-changing of leaves. You can still enjoy your stay during this season by visiting museums, galleries, parks, and theatres. It is also the start of the hockey season and also a great time to prepare for the holidays.


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