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This is a very popular festival worldwide bringing more than 25,000 wine enthusiasts during the last weeks of February. This festival is not only for wine lovers but is also open to the public people who wish to experience the festival.

The life of the festival depends on the Tasting Room where guests and visitors are given a chance to taste more than 700 wines from all around the globe. Every year different regions are featured — examples from the past include Australia, California, Italy, and Spain. Not only that, but you will also find good wine dinners at Vancouver’s top restaurants, conferences, vertical tastings, and more.

So, join the world of wine here in Vancouver Canada where your minds will be engaged and entertained. The International Festival for Wine invites the best producers of wine and wine lovers to a week of wine and food celebration. Note that France will be the feature country for 2020.

The International Festival for Wine in Vancouver has been known as the largest festival for wine in America. Moreover, it is globally considered as a very old event which has been continuing on for about 42 years. Also, the purpose of this event is for raising funds for the “Bard on the Beach”.

Kristina Chandler

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